List of negatives of SE.5 aircraft

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Reg'n	Type				Number (of negs)
B4563	SE 5		G-EBIC		4
C8740	SE.5				1
D7000	SE.5A				7
G-EATE	SE 5A				1
G-EATE	SE 5A		F9022		1
G-EAXS	SE 5A				2
G-EAXT	SE 5A				1
G-EAXU	SE 5A		crash		1
G-EAXV	SE 5A				2
G-EAXW	SE 5A				2
G-EBCA	SE 5A				3
G-EBCE	SE 5A				1
G-EBDT	SE 5A				1
G-EBDY	SE 5A				1
G-EBGL	SE 5A				1
G-EBIA	SE 5A				3
G-EBIB	SE 5A				2
G-EBIC	SE 5A				1
G-EBIF	SE 5A				1
G-EBOG	SE 5A				2
G-EBQK	SE 5A		inc. crash	4
G-EBQQ	SE 5A		crash		1
G-EBTK	SE 5A				1
G-EBTO	SE 5A				1
G-EBVB	SE 5A				4
G-EBQC	SE 5As   	 with G-EBXC	1
G-EBXC	SE.5A	     with G-EBQC	0
D-1633	SE-5A		ex G-EBIF	1
A2-6	SE-5A		RAAF		2
A2-13	SE-5A		RAAF		1
A2-14	SE-5A		RAAF		1
A2-19	SE-5A		RAAF		1
A2-31	SE-5A		RAAF		1
A2-36	SE-5A		RAAF		1
	SE.5A 	RAF show formation	1
G-BDWJ	SE-5A Replica			2

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