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How can I contact the Collection?

All routine communication with the Collection is by email. See HERE for details.

Are all images in the archive available for purchase?

No. Hence the requirement to wait for thumbnails before orders are finalised.

A small proportion of images are copyright third parties and hence cannot be supplied. In such cases, which will often not be identified until the source is investigated on site, a reference to the originator will be supplied if available.

The accuracy of the index is very good, but it is not infallible. In a tiny number of cases images listed are not found.

How do I order images?

Please use the index on this web site to identify the images you want, then send an email to the archive explaining your requirements (see HERE for details).

Each enquiry is individually handled by the Curator. Please be patient if you do not get an immediate reply.

PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT BROOKLANDS MUSEUM DIRECT, since this will cause significant delay in addressing your query.

Can I see thumbnails before ordering?

Small, low-quality thumbnails are always supplied before an image order is finalised.

However, only about 10% of the archive has been digitised, so the majority of enquiries require new scans to be made which can only be done during a visit to the Collection by the Curator.

Scanning images is very labour intensive. It may take some time for larger orders to be processed in this way.

Do you have colour pictures?

Almost nothing in our image library is in colour.

Most images date from between the early part of the 20th Century until around 1970, during which time black and white photographs were the norm.

How detailed are your pictures?

Most images are scanned at over 15 megapixels unless the source material is unsuitable for such detail. This ensures that all available detail is captured digitally, even if the result is a larger file than is strictly necessary.

To get the full resolution and quality, it is necessary to take images in TIF format on CD through the post rather than JPG by email.

How much do I lose by taking JPG by email?

Very little. JPG by email can now usually be emailed at full resolution.

However, file sizes mean that broadband is required for receiving these large images and orders for more than a few at a time will continue to be sent by post as TIF on CD unless reduced resolution is acceptable.

How long can I expect to wait for thumbnails?

Where scans are not already available, it can take several weeks to provide thumbnails due to other commitments of the single volunteer running the archive for Brooklands.

If you have an urgent requirement, every effort will be made to expedite the process.

Can I put Collection images on my web site?

If you wish to purchase a Collection image for use on a web site, a special watermarked image will be provided at not more than 500 pixels across in web-ready JPG format at extra cost.

Can I publish Collection images?

The base cost of supply of images from the Collection covers personal use only.

Additional royalties must be negotiated individually with the Curator in advance of any publication of images.

In such cases, a credit will be required to The A J Jackson Collection at Brooklands Museum together with a web link to http//:www.ajjcollection.co.uk

How much do images cost?

Charges for supply of images are detailed HERE.

Other sizes and formats are be available to special order - please ask.

How can I pay?

All payments are in advance.

Normal payment is by PayPal or UK cheque. Credit cards and e-cheques can be accepted via PayPal.

It is not necessary to have a PayPal account to pay through PayPal.

International payments, which must be delimited in Sterling, can be accepted by IBAN or SWIFT.

Purchasers should indicate their preferred form of payment. Appropriate details will be provided only once the order has been finalised.

How are images delivered?

Images can be taken as medium-quality, medium-resolution JPG by email, or as full-quality TIF on CD, or as photographic prints.

CD and print orders are sent by first-class sign-for post in the UK and by airmail to the rest of the world. P&P will be advised when the order has been finalised.

In special cases, it may be possible to arrange pick up by hand from the Curator's home address. Please ask if you require this service and live within easy reach of NE Hants.

I would like to visit Brooklands and see material in the archive for myself.

Where possible, an appointment can be arranged for an on-site meeting with the Curator.

Normally this will be on a Tuesday, but Curator visits to Brooklands vary according to demand for scans and other commitments, so individual appointments negotiated direct with the Curator are essential.

What else can the archive provide?

The Collection includes an extensive library of documents dealing with registrations, accidents and general aviation history - especially pre WWII, with the primary focus on British Civil topics. Worldwide and military aviation is covered in less detail.

Much of this supporting material is copyright third parties and cannot be supplied direct, but knowing what is available can sometimes help researchers track down the original source.`

Ask if you think we might be able to help and we will do our best for you..