List of negatives of SIMMONDS and SPARTAN aircraft

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Reg'n	Type					Number (of negs)
G-AAGY	Simmonds Spartan			1
G-AAHV	Simmonds Spartan			1
G-AAMG	Simmonds Spartan	seaplane	1
G-ABNU	Simmonds Spartan			2
G-ABXO	Simmonds Spartan	inc wreck	2
VH-UIT	Simmonds Spartan			1
ZK-ABN	Simmonds Spartan			1
ZK-ABZ	Simmonds Spartan			2
G-AAGO	Simmonds Spartan			1
G-ABAZ	Spartan 3-seater			1
G-ABET	Spartan 3-seater			1
G-ABKJ	Spartan 3-seater			4
G-ABKL	Spartan 3-seater	inc air to airs	4
G-ABKT	Spartan 3-seater			1
G-ABRA	Spartan 3-seater			1
G-ABWO	Spartan 3-seater			1
G-ABWU	Spartan 3-seater			1
G-ACEF	Spartan 3-seater			1
EI-ABU	Spartan 3-seater	G-ABYN		1
G-AAWY	Spartan Arrow				1
G-ABMK	Spartan Arrow				1
G-ABOB	Spartan Arrow				1
G-ABWP	Spartan Arrow				9
G-ACHE	Spartan Arrow				1
G-ACHF	Spartan Arrow				2
G-ACEG	Spartan Clipper				3
S-3	Spartan Clipper				1
G-ABTY	Spartan Cruiser				3
G-ACDW	Spartan Cruiser				4
G-ACSM	Spartan Cruiser				2
G-ACVT	Spartan Cruiser				2
G-ACYK	Spartan Cruiser				2
G-ADEL	Spartan Cruiser				2
G-ABLI	Spartan Mailplane			4

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