List of negatives of PARNALL aircraft

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Reg'n	Type					Number (of negs)
G-AAFH	Parnall Elf				3
G-AAIN	Parnall Elf				13
	Parnall Elf	flying - pre-war	1
K2772	Parnall G.4/31				4
J9038	Parnall Gyroplane	Cierva C.10	2
G-AFKF	Parnall Heck	J-1			1
G-ACTC	Parnall Hendy Heck			7
G-AEGH	Parnall Hendy Heck			1
G-AEGI	Parnall Hendy Heck	inc wreck	6
G-AEMR	Parnall Hendy Heck	dismantled	1
G-EBTE	Parnall Imp				4
N91	Parnall Panther				1
N95	Parnall Panther				1
N7406	Parnall Panther				1
N217	Parnall Perch				2
N181	Parnall Peto				1
N182	Parnall Peto				1
N202	Parnall Pike				2
N232	Parnall Pipit		fuselage	1
N232	Parnall Pipit		floats only	1
G-EBJG	Parnall Pixie				6
G-EBKK	Parnall Pixie				3
G-EBKM	Parnall Pixie				1
	Parnall Pixie		No.9		1
J7323	Parnall Pixie				1
N160	Parnall Plover				1
N162	Parnall Plover				1
N9608	Parnall Plover				1
J6862	Parnall Possum				2
N136	Parnall Puffin				1
N138	Parnall Puffin				1

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