List of negatives of HILLER helicopters

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Reg'n	Type					Number (of negs)
VH-THA	Hiller 12E				1
VH-THB	Hiller 12E				1
N8160H	Hiller 360	Cal H'copter Co.	1
54-2918	Hiller H-23	USAF			1
138653	Hiller Hornet		US Navy		1
XB474	Hiller HT.1				1
XB475	Hiller HT.1				1
XB477	Hiller HT.1				2
XB481	Hiller HT.1				1
XB513	Hiller HT.1				1
XB522	Hiller HT.1				1
XB537	Hiller HT.1				1
XS165	Hiller HT.2				1
XS702	Hiller HT.2				1
128791	Hiller HTE-2		US Navy		1
G-AMDN	Hiller UH-12				1
G-AMMY	Hiller UH-12				1
ZK-HAB	Hiller UH-12				1
G-AOFL	Hiller UH-12B		A/S Training	1
G-AOFL	Hiller UH-12B   flying - spray bars	1
G-AOFV	Hiller UH-12B		A/S Training	1
G-APKY	Hiller UH-12B		cabin only	1
G-AWKG	Hiller UH-12B				2
G-AOFA	Hiller UH-12C		A/S Training	1
G-AOZS	Hiller UH-12C		British United	1
G-APMP	Hiller UH-12C		BUA		1
G-APMS	Hiller UH-12C		Bristow		1
G-APOF	Hiller UH-12C		BUA		2
G-APOF	Hiller UH-12C		Fison-Airwork	4
G-APOF	Hiller UH-12C		Bristow		2
G-APRD	Hiller UH-12C	  Management Avn	1
G-ARTG	Hiller UH-12C  		Rent-a-Copters	1
G-ARUF	Hiller UH-12C	  Rent-a-Copters	1
G-ASOE	Hiller UH-12C	  Management Avn	1
G-ASAZ	Hiller UH-12E	  Rent-a-Copter		8
G-ASIG	Hiller UH-12E	  Rent-a-Copter		1
G-ASIG	Hiller UH-12E	  Management Avn	1
G-ASIG	Hiller UH-12E	  no company marks	1
G-ASIH	Hiller UH-12E	  Management Avn.	1
G-ATDW	Hiller UH-12E	  Plessey		1
G-ATVG	Hiller UH-12E		Plessey		1
G-ATVN	Hiller UH-12E		Electricity	1
G-AVKY	Hiller UH-12E				3
D-HEFU	Hiller UH-12E				1
55-4963	Hiller YH-32		USAF		1

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