List of negatives of FOKKER aircraft

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Reg'n	Type				Number (of negs)
	Fokker D.VII			1
	Fokker D.VII	German AF		1
	Fokker D.VII	German AF		1
D-IHOT	Fokker D.VII			1
EI-APT	Fokker D.VII replica - flying	1
EI-APU	Fokker D.VII replica 		1
EI-APV	Fokker D.VII replica 		1
G-BEFR	Fokker DR.1 replica		2
G-AVJO	Fokker E.III replica		11
OK-AIQ	Fokker F.18			1
G-BDVS	Fokker F.27	Air UK		1
D-BAKU	Fokker F.27	LTU		1
EI-AKA	Fokker F.27	Aer Lingus	3
EI-AKB	Fokker F.27	Aer Lingus	6
EI-AKC	Fokker F.27	Aer Lingus	2
EI-AKD	Fokker F.27	Aer Lingus	4
EI-AKE	Fokker F.27	Aer Lingus	6
EI-AKF	Fokker F.27	Aer Lingus	5
EI-AKG	Fokker F.27	Aer Lingus	3
PH-FKA	Fokker F.27			3
PH-NVF	Fokker F.27	LTU		1
PH-NVF	Fokker F.27	no marks		1
PH-SAF	Fokker F.27	Schreiner 	1
ZK-BXA	Fokker F.27	NZNAC		1
C-1	Fokker F.27M	R.Neth.AF		2
C-7	Fokker F.27M	R.Neth. AF	1
C-9	Fokker F.27M	R.Neth. AF	1
H-NABD	Fokker F.II			1
G-AALC	Fokker F.III	wreck		1
G-AARG	Fokker F.III			1
H-NABN	Fokker F.III			1
H-NABR	Fokker F.III			1
H-NABU	Fokker F.III			1
H-NACC	Fokker F.VII			1
H-NACJ	Fokker F.VII			1
H-NACK	Fokker F.VII			1
H-NACL	Fokker F.VII			2
G-EBPL	Fokker F.VIIa			1
G-EBTQ	Fokker F.VIIa			1
G-EBTS	Fokker F.VIIa			14
G-EBTS	Fokker F.VIIa	H-NADK		1
F-AJBH	Fokker F.VIIa			1
H-NACT	Fokker F.VIIa			2
PH-OTO	Fokker F.VIIa			1
G-EBPV	Fokker F.VIIa/3m			1
H-NAEA	Fokker F.VIIa/3m			1
G-EBYI	Fokker F.VIIb/3m			2
G-EBZJ	Fokker F.VIIb/3m			2
OO-AIH	Fokker F.VIIb/3m			1
OO-AIP	Fokker F.VIIb/3m			1
OO-AIQ	Fokker F.VIIb/3m			1
VH-USU	F.VIIb/3m     Southern Cross	12
G-AATG	Fokker F.VIIc/3m			1
G-AEPT	Fokker F.VIII	British AWs	3
	Fokker F.VIII			1
PH-AED	Fokker F.VIII			1
PH-AEG	Fokker F.VIII			1
G-EBUT	Fokker F.XI			2
G-ADZI	Fokker F.XII			1
G-ADZK	Fokker F.XII			1
G-AEOS	Fokker F.XII	British AWs	2
G-AEOT	Fokker F.XII			1
G-AFZP	Fokker F.XXII			1
G-AFZR	Fokker F.XXXVI			8
Dz8	Fokker III	Danzig reg'n	1
PH-NBX	Fokker S.11			1
PH-NED	Fokker S.11			2
PH-NDC	Fokker S.12			1

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