List of negatives of Aircraft of miscellaneous manufacturers starting with D

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Reg'n	Type				Number (of negs)
F-AOXG	D.6					1
	Dagling					1
F-PPZE	Dalotel Viking				2
D-1561	Darmstadt D.18				1
G-ABPX	Darmstadt D.22 Biplane			1
11-S-15	Dassault Flamant	French Navy	2
No.28	Dassault Mystere 4A	French AF	1
No.03	Dassault Mystere 4B	French AF	1
F-ZXRM/No.01	Dassault Mystere IVN		1
No.11	Dassault Super Mystere	French AF	1
No.173	Dassault Super Mystere	French AF	1
NC854N	Davis D-1W				1
G-BCYH	DAW Privateer	fuselage		1
G-EAKC	de Bolotoff SDEB.14			2
G-AFEG	De Bruyne Ladybird			1
N9059N	De Knight Special			1
PH-AMG	De Schelde Scheldemus			7
	Deperdussin				6
	Deperdussin	Laffans Plain 1912	1
F-AQMO	Dewoitine D-482				1
G-BBMI	Dewoitine D.26				1
HB-RAA	Dewoitine D.26				3
HB-RAE	Dewoitine D.26				1
VS201	DFS Meise				2
G-ALJW	DFS Weihe				2
G-ALKG	DFS Weihe				1
BGA 604	DFS/49 Grunau Baby			1

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